1. Ownership of the products hereby sold shall remain with the vendor, Murobond Paints Sdn. Bhd. until full payment has been received.  Until full payment has been completed the vendor shall have the right, without further notice, to remove and dispose of the said goods, including entry onto the site of storage.  The cost of this entry and recovery shall be with the purchaser including the liability for any damage that may occur in the process.

  2. The goods hereby sold shall be the sole risk of the purchaser from the time of delivery (or pick-up) in respect of any damage thereto.

  3. The purchaser acknowledges that they have selected the purchased goods.

  4. To the extend permitted by law, the vendor’s liability for any reason whatsoever shall be limited to replacement of product only and shall not extend to application costs or any other consequential damage.

  5. Quantities estimated by our staff are approximate and no responsibility will be accepted for any variation from actual quantities required or used.  The purchaser accepts the responsibility for ordering the correct quantity of goods rests entirely with them.

  6. Goods sold are not exchangeable or returnable.